Traditions of Clean Air


Filterpak is a Finnish company known for air filters, air filtration solutions and NeSu face masks. Filterpak manufactures and customises air filters, contract manufactures OEM products, actively develops new products and imports MANN+HUMMEL air filters.

The determination for improving working conditions and making production more efficient have been successful to date. Filterpak has grown from a from being a one-man garage company to a pioneer of clean and healthy air, employing 55 people.

The spirit

The core value of Filterpak is being humane – we constantly invest in improving working conditions and the wellbeing of our employees. We believe that by genuinely caring for our employees and our working environment, we are able to build the best possible company. As a family business, we want to be supported by our entire working community and allow for a long and meaningful career for all of us.

Responsibility first

Responsibility is a big part of our business whether it is about our employees, the environment or our work. Our company carries the Key Flag for Finnish work – it is important for us that our customers and partners know about our domestic operations.

We are also a member of the Indoor Air Quality Ecosystem (IAQe) and the Sisäilmayhdistys Ry.

From Finland to all of us

NeSu face masks are fully made in Hanko, Southern Finland.